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Shop for artwork based on themed collections. Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Edward Wolverton

Edward Wolverton

For Truth, time shall capture the soul of an artist- what brings to him an art filled world.

What dreams might come, as an artist fills his world with fine art,
then have it pass away with the dust of time /
To grasp his fingers upon those things eternal,
Lest' he die without a great cause to life,
to become immortal as a sea of wind.

Go Directly to my Oil Seascapes and my Oil Landscapes ( Then Read My Bio ) - --- Please Note; Every Item Here can be reproduced at different sizes ( Sale Prices Optional to size of artwork ) Or Originals of artwork might be bought- at a fair price. place a bid if you are interested in a work. Some works have already been sold, without having updated information to gallery prices. sorry about any delays...

Please- feel free to remark on my work here- feel free to ask about original works- feel free to buy a work that I have created for your eyes to pleasure. My Artwork has many forms- Including the postings... of the cover of my books of poetry now on the open market.

The Greatness In One Person's Work ... Depends entirely on those people who love his work. The Greatness of a single artist... depends entirely on those people who will follow his work...from beginning- and to the end of this artist's life.

In The Roaring of the wind, the silence brings upon us the sound of bells ringing. As an artist sees his work, so time begins to swallow whole the shadows of his images. Being a starving artist, I can see no other way to share my work, but to lay it all out here on one great line of information on the Internet. ( Because I have so much work created, there is only a little more than half of my works being displayed here a FAA. ) I am humbled, and honored to show you some of my great works at this time. I am pleased with my work, as it honors my ability as an artist, to bring to you my favored masterpieces, in a time that has been forgotten to each of us.. ( as we struggle with our own daily lives to become who we are )

NOTE; Each painting in all galleries here- were intended to be exhibited in the largest format as possible. Viewing each painting as a huge wall exhibit.. will enhance the performance of the work of art as my master plan for your enjoyment.

While Ansel Easton Adams became famous for his photography of Northern California, I have painted in oils and watercolors many visions of these mountain scenes, and seascapes of Northern California, to include the Yosemite Valley, and the Coastal Valleys and Mountain Reviews. I want to be remembered as a great California Fine Artist in so many include Impressions, and realisms of Northern California. ( My Home )

The Many fine details of Fine Art have been passed down through history, such as Impressionism, Art Nouveau, and Symbolism- and reaching out to include Naturalism, Realism, and Romanticism- while others have joined in, such as Cubism, Futurism, Vorticism, or Suprematism and Contructivism- bringing in the Purism, Surrealism, Neoplasticism, Abstract Expressionism, and Minimalism and Nouveau Realisme, tracking doodles upon the paper with Tashisme and Dada, or Pop Art and Op Art, or tracking De Stijl and Bauhaus. Art is filled with emotion, and the love of life, and every artist reborn to his natural ability to create such art.

Check out my Ballet Dancers, or my Seascapes, or Landscapes, or Still Life Floral.. Enjoy my Abstracts, and my Cubisms, and my Geometrical works. I have Oils, or Water Colors, and I have Acrylics, and Inks, and Pastels. I even tossed in a little bit of creative scribble, and doodles for your enjoyment

I have Painted Visions of Ballet... much like other famous artists from the past like Degas, and Matisse, or Manet, and have used my own versions of art put upon canvas. I love to paint Abstract, and voice my inner self with the art world much like Picasso, and Klimt, or Kandinsky, and free verse my paint with Van Gogh, or Munch. I have Studied Art as a science, and tried my own hands with art over the many years of my life, and what you see here is just a gift of love that I have created for you...the collector of fine art.

Silicon Valley Artist & Authored American Poet - Edward Wolverton, Born in Richmond, California ( USA ) on October, 8, 1952. The San Francisco Bay Area has been my home most of my life. I graduated from high school in Hilmar, California in 1971. ... ( READ MORE )...

I enjoy my time creating art in its most unique forms. It is a muse, or a must, I don't know to which as yet. (FYI- My 12 books of published poetry will be at these locations in 2013- with the Publish America convention booth, The London Book Fair, at The Frankfurt Book Fair, At The New York Book Fair....and many other great locations...please check out my literary works if you get to one of these book fairs in 2013...Thanks. )

Imagine one of my Landscapes, or seascape oils here blown up to a 30" x 40" canvas hanging on your wall.............................Fine Prints can be bought here, or maybe an original work to fill a collection piece. My art will be very need of collectors in the years to come....the count of fine art creations with my name....... well, just look into these art galleries here on my site page..... then you will understand....why my work. ( I am creating literature & fine art for the future of our children ) ...My name will be in bold letters in future years to come.... so don't miss out on buying a part of my artwork.

Please feel free to browse though my artwork gallery sites, and take a good look while you are here.
Every work posted at this site is very important to me, and is considered part of my collected fine art that I have created in the past few years. ( If you are a collector of such fine art.......don't miss out on the opportunity to buy into this work of has an aura of fine fair.)

My literature has already reached around the globe,, My work as a writer is already printed in many different languages, naming me as an American Poet. You can find my book covers- in one of my galleries here..., and while you are looking at my work, please take an interest in checking out my " Challenge of the Masters" gallery.

My Fine Art is being viewed around the world here at Fine Art America. I also have several other gallery sites of fine art on the Internet, and have made it a point for giving three open gallery shows of art here in the Silicon Valley in 2012. If you enjoy my fine art here at FAA, I know that you would enjoy my literature also, as my poetry is beyond belief.

Please Note; Due to the sales honesty policy...please send an e-mail to my site confirming a would be greatly recieved..thank You. No safeguards were enacted on my pages- for your conveiniance and enjoyment.

I have entered my artwork into many galleries. I have also produced several studies of mediums in fine art that I hope will tease your eyes, and give you a thirst for more of my work. I want every fine art collector to know my work as an artist of fine art, as well as an American poet. Thank you for visiting my site galleries here at Fine Art America....................... Edward Wolverton